Game Officials require a knowledge of the game and its laws. They need to be fit and to know when to blow the whistle and when to let the play move on.

Game Officials are a key element in making the game fun.

Why be an official? Its can be fun and rewarding. It is a good part time job. It is a valuable skill. It is a portable skill.


  • $90 - National Referee
  • $90 - Provincial, Regional or District Referee aged 18 and over
  • $50 - District Referee aged 16 & 17 (as of March 31st, 2015)
  • $35 - District Youth Referees aged 14 & 15 (as of March 31st, 2015)
  • $35 - Returning small sided game Referees (effective 2015)

$92 for 18 and older - If you hold Small sided and 11v11 (and/or 9v9) accreditation you will pay the higher of the fees.
$50 - If you are 16 or 17.

Game officials are a key element of the game. The Bolton Wanderers recognize and thank the many officials who work the games for the Club. Each season the Wanderers schedule over 1500 games on our outdoor fields. From U10 to open adults players take to the pitch and game officials assure that the matches are conducted under the laws of the game.

This section is designed to provide you with some resources to help you develop in the game.

For support and educational opportunities BWSC referees should consider joining the local branch of the Ontario Soccer Referees Association OSRA. The branch provides members with a wide variety of services including ongoing education and support. Follow the link to explore the Brampton OSRA Branch.

OSRA Brampton

This link will take you to an online resource called Ask the Ref. While this is a US based group the Laws are the Laws and the forum is solid. You can also ask questions and get responses from top US game officials. Check out Ask the Ref

If you have an issue or a question you can contact:

For a Club related issue, scheduling etc Mario Mazzaferro

For general questions on upgrading, assessments Mike Winstanley the District Referee Coordinator for Peel Halton or call (905) 890-1568 ext 24

Check out the OSA website for referee information

Watch the Game - Ref

A spectator at a local league match kept up a constant barrage of insults and derogatory remarks directed against the referee.

Finally the referee could stand it no longer. He marched over to the sideline and, looking at the noisy spectator squarely in the eye, shouted, 'Look here - I've been watching you for the last twenty minutes .........................'

'I thought so', the spectator retorted loudly, 'I knew you couldn't have been watching the game.'

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