Mission Statement

We believe:

That our role is to provide the programs, structure and facilities to allow our members the opportunity to develop to the height of their aspirations and abilities whether they are players, coaches, referees or administrators.

Development First

For Bolton Wanderers it means that we are committed to development. We look to provide the best facilities, environment and culture that will allow our players, coaches, referees and administrators to develop and excel.

Development is not restricted to competitive players! It begins with Active Start 4 and 5 year old players, ensuring that they have qualified coaches providing good programming and giving them the foundation that they need to learn the game and participate in it for life.

Development is helping the player to reach their potential and love the game for life.

Development is providing educational and certification opportunities and challenging coaches to build on their knowledge, to help them become great coaches.

Development is providing administrators the opportunity expand their knowledge and to provide exposure to new leading edge management tools.

Development is allowing game officials the ability to work, to be mentored, assessed and to hone their skills.

Development is working with the municipality and business sectors to ensure that we can sustain the programs we have set out and allow players the ability to develop at the best cost possible.


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