The following are the Policies for discipline management procedures for the Bolton Wanderers Soccer Club.

Who can be disciplined?
The Club constitution and operational procedures set out that any member of the organization can be disciplined. Further that Codes of Conduct extend to all spectators and visitors to any Club operated facility or park.

Under the Ontario Soccer Association Policy 9.3.1 and Disciplinary action may be taken against a registrant or registered organization of the O.S.A. Notwithstanding Policy 3.1 Any person acting as a Team Official, Administrator or Game Official shall be considered to be a registrant of the O.S.A. regardless of whether he/she has registered to do so.

The Club policy with regards to harassment requires all such cases to be referred to the OSA for investigation and action. Harassment of any member or any nature is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

How is discipline administered?
Based on the report submitted to the Club action is required to be taken in the form of Discipline BY Review, Discipline BY Hearing or an investigation and finding.

Discipline Panel
A Club Discipline Panel is scheduled to meet on Fridays throughout the outdoor season and every second Friday during the indoor season.

The panel will review all cases referred to it. Depending on the charge and reports the Panel may deal with the matter by Review, schedule a hearing or refer the matter to investigation or to a higher governing body.

All cases of Game Official Assault, in any form will result in the immediate suspension of the individual and the referral of the matter to the Ontario Soccer Association.

Discipline By Review
The Club Discipline Panel meets on a specific schedule throughout the year.

Misconduct types for which discipline may be rendered by the D.B.R. System or the D.B.H. System. Where a specific suspension is quoted, the set suspension is mandatory and can be administered by D.B.R.

In the case of D.B.R. the individual will review their Rights of Appeal with the decision. A person who receives a card in game and wants to have a hearing may request one within 72 hours of the match. The request can be made to the BWSC office (office@bwsc.ca) and a fee of $25.00 will apply.

Discipline By Hearing
Where suspensions are quoted as a range, application of a suspension within the range is required and the misconduct must be dealt with by D.B.H. All fines equal to, or greater than, $200.00 must be dealt with by D.B.H.

The panel may consist of Club members, or members of one of the governing bodies as required by the Discipline Chairperson.

The Club must provide the accused a notice of hearing at least 14 days in advance and provide the charge and reports. The accused has the right to bring witnesses and have an adviser in attendance. This is not a court and policies and procedures of a court are not applicable in a hearing.

The decision of the panel will be provided to the affected parties and each will receive their rights of appeal.

Penalties and Suspensions
A Governing Organization may impose fines, fees, bonds and/or penalties for other offences, provided such are listed in its "Published Rules". and provided such penalties are not less than those set forth by the OSA. With regard to players, a fee, fine, bond and/or penalty may only be imposed on a player who is registered with a senior team, including a youth age player registered with a senior team.

BWSC Policy with regards to senior players sets forth a fine for players who receive Yellow or Red cards as follows

3rd Yellow card in a season = $10.00
Each accumulation of 3 Yellow cards = an additional $10.00
1st Red card in a season = $30.00
2nd Red card in the season = $60.00


Please refer to the OSA Website for further details regarding regulated disciplinary fines - OSA Discipline Policy
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